A day in the life… John- Admin Supervisor

What a crazy year 2020 has become! Sometimes I think we’re living in the twilight zone! Like lots of people I have had to overcome lots of personal challenges, working from home being just one.

Our organisation is full of resourceful, hardworking and inventive people. The Business Support Team is a key part of that. While we have moved away from client face to face contact, we are still working behind the scenes, supporting staff, volunteers and clients.

7 am

Mornings are my absolute worst time of the day.



By now I’m absolutely starving. The positive thing about working from home is that my travel time is greatly reduced. I used to spend somewhere near 15 hours a week getting from office to office, so I am more efficient now. I no longer spend loads of money on coffee and chocolate brownies getting to Trafford!


Afternoons are when we have our team hangout. I like to organise these twice weekly and try to keep them informal. Initially using video conferencing was weird but I think we have all adapted to it now. I think the loss of informal conversations has been the most difficult thing for me so the virtual coffee breaks are a good way of catching up with people from other teams.



No more checking the inbox! I think it’s really important to stop working and to remember we have personal lives.


I try to keep busy in the evenings! I am a student at the Alliance Francaise and City Lit in French, now going up to Higher 1 after nearly 2 years. We have a weekly conversation Zoom too which is always a great laugh. I wouldn’t say that I am much better now, but my confidence has improved and it’s a real brain work-out. Although I hate quizzes, I have helped set up a monthly social via Zoom which has kept our community together.



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Hayley Wright

Hayley Wright


Comms and Engagement Manager at Citizens Advice SORT Group